How to register an assembled vehicle in the State of Texas.

Step 1

First thing you will need to do is to fill out an APPLICATION FOR ASSIGNED OR REASSIGNED NUMBER form VTR 68-A (This is the only link I could find on line) On the back of the form are the numbers that you need to call to have the local Vehicle theft unit come and inspect the car. When they came I had to provide the following:

  1. Title to the donor vehicle

  2. Bill of Sale for the engine/transmission

  3. Bill of Sale for the body

They will inspect the vehicle to find a location with an original VIN number still visible. I had made the mistake of pop riveting the Fiero VIN to my dash. Don't do this as you can't get to it to remove it once the windshield is in place and because it was fastened with non-OEM pop rivets, they knew it was not original. Original OEM rivets have a rosette shape. Fortunately, I could remove the defroster vent on the drivers side (I had not hooked up hose) and they could see an original VIN plate complete with rosette rivets still on the dash assembly that satisfied the requirement.

They signed off on the form that I had already had notarized.

Step 2

Now you need to drive to your nearest TXDOT Office that assigns VIN numbers. Take all your paperwork and pictures of the cars. You cannot have too much documentation.  In this case, they assigned a new VIN TEX112112 to  my car. It is registered as a 2002 Assembled Roadster. Save the forms. You will need to etch on the vehicle or attach a plate with the assigned VIN. I had a plate made that says State of Texas Assigned VIN TEX112112 that I fastened to the inside of the door.


Step 3

Now that you have a VIN, you will need to contact your insurance company for an insurance card. I am currently insured through Progressive and since I already had 5 vehicles, they didn't really baulk at a 6th. I have a fixed value policy for $40K for $365 for 6 months. After I get the car appraised, I may adjust the dollar amount. There are no restrictions on use. Also State Farm will insure kits if you already have coverage with them.  This is typically done as a courtesy to the policy holder

Step 4

Now take your Assigned VIN paperwork and your insurance card to your local tax assessor's office and get a One Trip permit to get your vehicle inspected.

Step 5

Drive your car to the nearest inspection station, along will all of your paperwork and have the car inspected. I forgot to adjust my emergency brake so I failed and had to make a second trip. Plan on lots of stares and questions from passers by. (I loved every minute of it). When they issue the inspection sticker, make sure they use the assigned VIN. You will also need the "Green Sheet" that says it was inspected (like the window sticker but it has to be turned into the registration office)  Austin does not have emissions testing, but for those who do, you may have to have it tested. See the TXDOT link or this site

Step 6

Fill out your application Form 130 and the form VTR-61 Rebuilt Affidavit, which must be notarized . Now take your paperwork, including photos, to you tax assessor office to register your vehicle. This one is touchy as they may want to charge you sales tax on parts that were not bought in state. I managed to avoid this but it could be expensive if you had to pay 6+% on $12,000 or more. They may also look for a weight certificate. Again, I got past this one. A lot depends on the person you get.

Step 7

Pay your registration fees and receive your tags and windshield sticker.

You will note that the Fiero VIN number is no longer visible as it was covered up by a special plate I had made that talks about pride of ownership.

DONE ( Well almost)