I started with a1984 Fiero with a 4 cylinder automatic. The car had a blown head gasket and I felt I wanted something a little more powerful than a 4 banger.
 It was necessary to remove all of the panels, roof and in my case I pulled the engine too. 
Once the engine was removed, I stretched the frame 11". All of the stretching pieces were provided by IFG.  I would suggest that if you are going to do this yourself that you be proficient in welding.  A MIG welder works much better that a stick welder.  Keeping the Car level is critical to making sure everything is aligned properly.
This is the car once the stretch had been done.  The Tires are Compomotive 17" x 12.5" on the rear and 17" x 9" on the front with Dunlop 245/40 for the front and 335/35 in the rear.