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     My name is Dale Van Blokland and I live outside of Austin, Texas.       I have built two Kits over the past 20 years. The first was a Sterling and then a Bradley GTII.  Both of these were VW Based.   I have always wanted a Lamborghini, who hasn't?   

 I spent over 5 years building my Roadster. This site chronicles the build from when I first started taking the Fiero apart to when I finally got it licensed.


I would highly recommend that you visit Ron Fletcher's Lambo Lounge. Ron has taken input from all builders and in addition to documenting his own build, he is gathering tons of information for those who are considering building a kit. It is extremely well organized and a wealth of information. In addition to the Diablo Support Center, Ron's site is one that I visit each day.

Instruction Manual - now on line