Current Progress

This page will show the latest progress.  As I update this page, the progress will be moved into the appropriate section.

I had to replace the original bezels because the heat from the radiators was blistering the original formed plastic. Even though I had primed and painted them, the plastic was not thick enough. IFG supplied new bezels in a formed plastic that was much better. I cut out the openings for the lights and place the FRB board in the opening for a reflective surface. The lights actually hold the bezels in place.

The front pins on the roof were not strong enough. One of them snapped off. I drilled out the bullets and tapped them 1/4" x 20. I then threaded a 1/4" bolt into the bullet. I cut out the old pins from the roof. I placed the roof in position after masking off the front frame. I clamped the roof in position and then inserted the new stronger bullets into the roof opening. I then bondoed them in place, let dry and removed the roof. After finishing off the area where the new bullets were inserted, it now fits on the back deck lid. I still need to resolve the roof sealing issue.


I need to work on the Northstar computer, but in order to remove the computer, it involved taking out the seats, subwoofer, center consol and switches. I decided to open up the back area of the consol and create a cover using the original Fiero light. After removing the interior, I enlarged the opening on the back of the consol. I installed a foam covered bar for the computer to rest on when put back in place. I connected the Fiero lights to the dome lights. By adding foam to the end pieces, and masking off the lights, I covered it with headliner foam. Because I wanted to still use the map lights, I cut out the foam so I could push the buttons on or off through the upholster. This essentially hides them but still provides functionality. When finished upholstering, it provides a nice functional cover that allows me to still have access to the computer.


How to register an assembled vehicle in the State of Texas.