Q. Why is your car worth $99,700 when I can buy a real one on ebay for $180,000?

A. What we are building is a hand crafted vehicle from scratch. That means that we are not using 15-18 year old Fieros as the basis for this vehicle. The chassis is based on Lamborghini's original design including the suspension, airlift system, gas tank etc. The engine is a brand new GM performance crate engine, the transmission is a completely rebuilt Porsche 915 transmission. The suspension is comprised on Corvette components including the 13" brakes.  The wiring harness is all new as are the, brake lines, fuel lines, heater lines, clutch lines, etc. which are all fabricated for this vehicle.  Essentially we are building a new vehicle.  While it is true that a real Diablo 6.0 can be purchased for an additional $80,000, that is still a sizeable investment.  One of the concerns with a real Diablo is the maintenance costs.  A normal tune-up can run thousands of dollars and wait time on parts can be months for non scheduled repairs. Please see the Chassis  and Engine section to understand the foundation of these cars.

Q. Your car may look authentic but what happens when someone wants to look at the engine and I know I have a V8?

A. This has always been an issue with replica owners. We are addressing this with a whole new engine bay treatment that covers the V8 with a V12 engine cover. The cover is actually bolted to the V8 so any movement in the engine is transmitted through the cover completing the illusion.  The side treatments of the cover have the hoses from the air boxes to again complete the real look. Please see the section Engine cover for details.

Q. I want you to build me a Roadster with a BMW V12. Can you do it?

A. Currently we are only building the Diablo 6.0. We may start doing Roadsters in the future, but the basic engine and chassis configuration is set on the LS1 setup. We are standardizing on this setup for serviceability for our customers and to reduce the build time. If every car required a different engine setup, the build time would have to be extended to learn the requirements of a different power train.

Q. How long will it take you to build a car?

A. Through standardization, our goal is to produce 4 cars per year. This is a very aggressive schedule but one we feel we can accomplish.

Q. I have seen other turkey cars advertised for less than $60,000. Isn't that a better deal?

A. We encourage everyone to do their research and decide what is best for them and their budget. One thing to realize is at this time, there is currently no other company building a replica on an authentic chassis. Therefore the comparison is apples and oranges. You will find turnkeys being offered with a tubular frame and new suspension but they all are designed around the Fiero tub.  This tub uses the old wiring, brake lines, etc. The interior is approximately 4" smaller than an authentic Lamborghini or our chassis. We are using brand new GM performance engines, not rebuilt or used engines. Our wheels are exact replicas with the same offset as an original. We are not using spacers or deep dish wheels to fill the wheel well,

Q. I want my car to sound just like the real thing, will your car sound authentic?

A. Unfortunately, a V8 cannot imitate the sound of the V12. While there may be some people who have had the opportunity to hear a real one, the majority of people who will be admiring this vehicle will not notice the sound beyond the obvious that it is intimidating.


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