Owners: Dale and Cheryl Van Blokland

Dale Van Blokland - Has been involved with kit cars for over 25 years as a hobby. Most recognized for his website www.lambobuilder.com that chronicled his 5 year build of his Diablo Roadster. The black roadster was sold to help finance the new company.

Cheryl Van Blokland - Financial advisor, moral booster, grinder, sander, buffer and anything that needs to be done. Has a real job that makes this dream a possibility. Sold her 2002 Corvette to make it happen.

Ryan Van Blokland (son)- - A certified welder who has worked in manufacturing and fabrication. Ryan has also worked in various other trades that compliment the building or these replicas. Ryan has overcome a tragic accident several years ago where he had a finger shot off by a shotgun where he worked. Click here for details (very graphic) After many surgeries and a long recovery he does a fantastic job

Brian Duty (son) - Up and coming automotive engineer who has great mechanical skills. He was self taught on his 2000 Subaru Impreza which he has rebuilt with new cams, turbo, computer, suspension and transmission. Brian consistently was first place winner when he participated in road rallies.

Other helpers:  Chad Van Blokland - Son, Diane Miller - Twin sister to Cheryl and many other friends who are all too glad to help out.



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