These are the latest pictures from my most recent surgery

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I continue to get lots of email with well wishes for my son and I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, I also get a lot of hate mail that go so far as accusing me of shooting my son and how stupid my son must be to get shot. I guess it takes all kinds. I will focus on the good thought and be thankful that I have a son.

How is this for irony, the guy who owned the gun just TAUGHT a gun safety course the day before.

 Ryan, my 24 year old son, had his middle finger on his right  hand blown off by a 12 guage shotgun. A co-worker brought the shotgun to work and aksed Ryan for a screwdriver to tighten the stock. He layed the gun in a soft carrying case on the counter. As he was removing the gun from the case, the case started to slide and Ryan reached up and held the end of the case. The guy pulled the gun out by the trigger, it was loaded and it went off.
The plate that was put in Ryans hand broke on Memorial Day. They had go back in and replace it with an Industrial Size plate.

 These are the latest pictures after Ryan had the center bone removed from his hand and his index finger bone cut and moved over to where the middle finger was.  The xrays show the before, during and after shots

These pictures were taken initally after the accident and two days later These pictures are taken eight days after the accident. Ryan had surgery to pin the broken index finger five days after the accident. He now has a plate and six screws in his index finger. He is feeling better each day.

These pictures show that Ryan is healing. These are 2 1/2 weeks later
2 1/2 weeks later. Some stiches have been removed.

All the little round spots are buckshot that they leave in.

Side view of the 6 screws that are holding the bone together.

This is about 5 weeks after the accident. Still not closed up over the knuckle

This is Ryan's hand 5 months after the accident. His company fired him because he has been unable to return to work. Nice guys. He is still going to have one more surgery to remove the center bone in his hand to close the hand to be a three finger hand without the gap.