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One of the unique features of this car is the custom built chassis. This chassis consists of over 600 individual pieces. The chassis is constructed of tube steel coupled with precision cut panels and reinforcing members to mimic the design of the original Lamborghini chassis.  The chassis is dimensionally correct to the original.  The cabin area offers approximately 4" more legroom than the replicas that are constructed using a Fiero tub.  The suspension is based on the Lamborghini design as well.  The rear wheels have dual coil over suspension while the front uses a single coil over. The wheels are are exact replicas of the honeycomb style 6.0 wheels. The chassis is also equipped with an onboard air lift system that will raise the front of the car approximately 3" in less than 5 seconds to clear obstacles . The car can then be lowered again to the proper ride height from the controls on the dash.  The brakes are 13" Corvette disk brakes with the Brembo logo stenciled on the caliper.  Unlike the 11 gallon Fiero tank commonly used in replicas, the aluminum gas tank on this car is nearly 25 gallons.   Please review each of the sub sections above to get a true feel for the quality and complexity of the very framework upon which this car is built.

Diablo Chassis front view

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