These were shots that were taken at the show. It was truely mind bogeling. Just 4 of these cars represent about $1,000,000 and there were tons of them there. The attendance was over 10,000 and it was dripping with money. But isn't that why we are all building replicas?

P8160005 P8160006 P8160007 P8160008 P8160009
P8160010 P8160011 P8160012 P8160013 P8160014
P8160015 P8160016 P8160023 P8160024 P8160025
P8160026 P8160027 P8160028 P8160029 P8160031
P8160032 P8160033 P8160038 P8160039 P8160040
P8160041 P8160042 P8160043 P8160044 P8160045
P8160046 P8160047 P8160048 P8160049 P8160050
P8160051 P8160054 P8160055